About CMA

Founded in 1931 The Crimea Medical Academy is one of the oldest medical universities in Russia. Nowadays The Crimea Medical Academy provides medical education up to the latest data and highest world educational standards. In the same time the University keeps upgrading the teaching methods towards global trends in medical education and research, training medical students for the health care in Russia.

About 4.7 thousand students study at the Crimea Medical Academy n.a. S. I. Georgievsky, including 1.7 thousand foreign citizens from more than 45 countries of the world. The University started to admit the international students for more than 80 years ago. Since 1999 English has been the second language of instruction, which makes international students even more interested study at the Crimea Medical Academy. The excellence in teaching at CMA has been recognised by Medical Council of India (MCI), UNESCO, WHO, General Medical Council, International Educational Society (IES). The University has been also awarded the title of laureate in the rating of Higher Schools “Sofia Kievskaya –2004” due to the constant cooperation development with foreign countries and high quality of education.

In continuing its time – honoured tradition as a research university of international standing the Crimea Medical Academy mission is guided by the following principles:

  • Firmly rooted in its history, the University is committed to expanding and disseminating our knowledge about all aspects of humanity and nature through research and education. The University upholds the principle of freedom of research and education, acknowledging its responsibility to humanity, society, and nature.
  • According to its motto “Semper apertus” – (“Always open”) (lat.) CMA, in a spirit of open-mindedness and tolerance toward individuals and ideas, aspires to generate and harness knowledge and skills for the benefit of today’s and future generations.
  • CMA identity as a comprehensive university has grown out of its academic history, its commitment to the present, and its role in shaping the future. The research and educational efforts of the university are devoted to pursuing the central questions confronting humanity, concentrating on fundamental research and its application, and empowering our students to participate in this scientific and academic endeavour at an early stage.
  • The disciplines taught at CMA encompass the humanities, the social sciences, law, natural sciences, and the life sciences, including medicine.
  • The core tasks of the University today are:
    • To advance outstanding individual disciplines, cross-linking them and addressing issues at the highest scholarly level.
    • To create and safeguard the conditions for comprehensive, interdisciplinary collaboration that will make possible essential contributions toward the solution of major issues facing humanity, society, and government in an increasingly changing world.
    • To make research results available to society and encourage their utilisation in all sectors of public life.
    • Students, researchers, teachers, technical staff, and administrative personnel compose integral part of the university. CMA itself is a self-governing institution committed to the principles of good academic practice. The University is aiming to connect the knowledge and expertise of its members across generations. It is dedicated to systematically advancing the careers of young scholars and scientists, offering the wide opportunities for independent researches. The University is thus ideally positioned to meet future challenges with an appropriate degree of flexibility. The intricate connection between research and teaching provides for an education that is academic, practical, and continuous. CMA is providing equal opportunities for men and women, ensuring the compatibility of professional work and family, upholding the principle of diversity and equality both within and outside the bounds of the University. CMA intends to further cultivate its contacts with former students and graduates, friends and supporters, as well as its partners in business and cooperation to attract additional encouragement and support.
    • CMA international orientation is a long-standing tradition. Occupying a leading position in medical higher education over the Europe, the University is committed to providing its global competitiveness. It will continue to increase its attractiveness for outstanding international scholars and students and to expand its international networks in order to provide both junior researchers and senior faculty with the best possible opportunities for further qualification and advancement. It is to be mentioned University has always been striving for the excellence in teaching and research, whereas encouraging enthusiasm for knowledge, intellectual challenge, continuous learning, and scholarly endeavours, inspiring accomplishment within one’s field of study are the most essential of the University commitments.